Lawrence Hill and Inspiration

The first book I ever worked on was Black Berry, Sweet Juice, by Lawrence Hill, author of The Book of Negroes It's a non-fiction book about growing up mixed-race in Canada. I wasn't editing, just transcribing his interviews with family and friends because a mutual friend recommended me. Lawrence (Larry, but that feels disrespectful and I even typed "Mr. Hill" but that was a bit over-the-top) probably has no memory of me, but a) I am in the acknowledgements and will be forever and ever until all books have become loam, and b) that work sparked something in me. I had already been working in magazine publishing, and loved it, but didn't want to stay in that frenetically-paced world for much longer. Books, however--books I could sink into. Books would stay on the shelf for years. Working on books gave me time to ponder and revisit and question and get things right. Books! 

The list of authors I've worked with over the years has been filled with masters like Lawrence Hill and first-timers just finding their voice, and every single book is its own treasure and joy. But I'm still pretty proud of my first.