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Penelope Jackson is a consummate editor: A steady hand and a discriminating eye. Most importantly, her imagination is housed in her heart, and so she sympathizes with the author, offering velvet chiding and steely guiding, when and where needed. I commend her highly as a superb, close reader, who appreciates that creation descends from recreation, that the "work" is a result of "play," and that wit is dull without whimsy.

George Elliott Clarke, author of Lasso the Wind, George & Rue, Red,    I&I, and more; Toronto Poet Laureate and winner of the Governor General's Award for Poetry.


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Not only have I used every service Penelope offers, I can actually track how her services have directly correlated to both a widening in my readership (blog and published books) and an increase in revenue through the published word. 

Being a writer is tough enough. By allowing another expert to wear her expert hats (editing, project manager, visionary) I've been able to focus on clarifying my voice and creating content that is carefully tended to by Penelope Jackson. 

Katy Bowman, director of Restorative Exercise Institute, author of Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief and Alignment Matters, and publisher of Propriometrics Press.



I can't imagine collaborating with anyone else other than Penelope. From the highest view of story arc and character development to the finest points of style and consistency sentence-by-sentence, Penelope is the ideal reader. Most important, she cares about the parallel world in my mind as much as I do. She is my champion, my cheshire cat, and my brutal house matron. She is everything I need to get to the end, to do it well, and to want to do it again.

Kate Inglis, author of The Dread Crew: Pirates Of The Backwoods, Flight Of The Griffons, and more.

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image from Lesley's website 

Penelope has a truthfulness about her that seeps into her editing style. She is very talented; her natural instincts have consistently made my novels much better and I trust her when she tells me something should be changed. She told me she hated me once for killing a character!  "I know why you're doing it, but I still hate you!" But she's also told me she loves me for making a character softer and easier to like.

When you write, you immerse yourself in a story and sometimes get carried away. That's what happens when you're alone in your study for months. Luckily Penelope comes along and sweeps away all the unnecessary flotsam and jetsam that strangle the original idea. That is a great gift for any writer. I will always be grateful to her.

Sweet P is not only a gifted editor, she's an amazing musician and has the most adorable family! She'd be easy to hate if she wasn't so damn nice.

Lesley Crewe, author of Relative Happiness, Hit & Mrs., Kin, and more.

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image from Maria's website 

I can't even express how inspired I am having you work with me.  It has made a world of difference.

Maria Fanelli, business owner and blogger.