I have acquired, managed, copyedited, proofread, ghostwritten, written promotional and jacket copy for, and created style sheets for hundreds of books. Below are selected titles that I acquired and/or edited. 

Children's books

L asso the Wind - George Elliott Clarke (text) and Susan Tooke (illustrations)
Singily Skipping Along , Sheree Fitch (text) and Deanne Fitzpatrick (illustrations)
The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines, Jo Ann Yhard (2011  CCBC Best Books, 2010 Resource Links "The Year's Best")
Toes in My Nose, There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen , Mabel Murple, Sheree Fitch (text) and Sydney Smith (illustrations)
Bitter, Sweet , Laura Best (shortlisted for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People)
 The Dread Crew , Kate Inglis (nominated for Hackmatack and Red Cedar awards)
Chocolate River Rescue, Jennifer Kent (winner of the Hackmatack Award, 2009; shortlisted for OLA Silver Birch, Diamond Willow, and Manitoba Young Readers Choice awards)

Adult fiction and non-fiction

 Ava Comes Home, Hit & Mrs.,  Her Mother's Daughter, Kin, Lesley Crewe (all Canadian bestsellers)
Grow Organic!, Elizabeth Peirce (winner of Best Atlantic-Published Book, 2011)
You Can Too!  Canning, Pickling, and Preserving the Maritime Harvest , Elizabeth Peirce
Alignment Matters: The First Five Years of Katy Says, Katy Bowman
The Gift: A MADD Mother's Journey Toward Healing , Margaret Miller
Steam Lion , John Langley (winner of Margaret & John Savage First Book Award, 2007; Keith Matthews Award, 2007; CBA Libris Marketing Award, 2007)