I've said it before and I'll say it again: Everyone needs an editor. From brochures to blog posts to books, all text benefits from an editor's objective and professional insight. You can see the types of editing I do below, followed by a list of some of the books I have acquired and/or edited.

  • developmental / project editing (managing a project from its earliest stages to final manuscript; may include things like consulting with designers and sous-editors)
  • substantive / structural editing (reorganizing and clarifying a full manuscript for content and/or structure—this is "big-picture" editing)
  • stylistic / line editing ("medium-picture" editing—clarifying meaning, improving sentences for sense, getting rid of clichés, etc.)
  • rewriting / ghostwriting  (taking content and/or a draft from an author and recreating either all or parts of a manuscript)
  • copyediting (mechanical, "small-picture" editing—although the term is often used to describe some or all of the above types of editing, as well. Involves correcting grammar, spelling, and mechanics, such as citations or front matter, within the manuscript.)
  • proofreading (reading proofs of a previously edited manuscript, to check for any sneaky errors, incorporate final corrections, etc.)

I have acquired, managed, copyedited, proofread, ghostwritten, written promotional and jacket copy for, and created style sheets for hundreds of books. Below is a small selection of the titles that I have acquired and/or edited. 

Children's books

Lasso the Wind (Hackmatack nominee), George Elliott Clarke (text) and Susan Tooke (illustrations)
Queen of the Crows, Harmony Wagner
Wereduck and Cure for Wereduck (both Hackmatack nominees) , Dave Atkinson
Children of Africville, Christine Welldon (Golden Oak and Hackmatack awards nominee)
Singily Skipping Along, Sheree Fitch (text) and Deanne Fitzpatrick (illustrations)
Toes in My Nose, There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen , Mabel Murple, Sheree Fitch (text) and Sydney Smith (illustrations)
Bitter, Sweet, Laura Best (shortlisted for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People)
 The Dread Crew, Kate Inglis (Hackmatack and Red Cedar awards nominee)
Chocolate River Rescue, Jennifer Kent (winner of the Hackmatack Award; shortlisted for OLA Silver Birch, Diamond Willow, and Manitoba Young Readers Choice awards)

Adult fiction and non-fiction

By Katy Bowman: Dynamic Aging, Movement Matters, Move Your DNA, Diastasis Recti, Don't Just Sit There, Whole Body Barefoot, Alignment Matters (Propriometrics Press; all bestsellers)
By Lesley Crewe: Ava Comes Home, Hit & Mrs., Her Mother's Daughter, Kin, Mary, Mary (Nimbus Publishing; all Canadian bestsellers)
Paleo Thyroid Solution, Elle Russ (Primal Blueprint Publishing)
Primal Endurance, Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns (Primal Blueprint Publishing)
Grow Organic, Elizabeth Peirce (Nimbus Publishing; winner of Best Atlantic-Published Book)
The Gift: A MADD Mother's Journey Toward Healing , Margaret Miller (Nimbus Publishing)
Historic North End Halifax, Paul Erickson (winner of the Dartmouth Book Award for Non-Fiction)